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Film Screening

Exploring Climate Visualizations

Hosted by Andrew Revkin, Founding Director, Initiative on Communication & Sustainability The Earth Institute, Columbia University.

With climate scientist Ed Hawkins, The Tempestry Project – a climate-focused collective of fiber artists and knitters, engineer Alex Radtke, and art & climate change researcher Ulrike Hahn.

Image:  ShowYoursStripes, Professor Ed Hawkins (University of Reading),

Circular Area Development

Presentation of my artworks visualizing circular area development, commissioned by Accelerating Circular Economy Zuid Holland (ACCEZ), during event on 26 March 2021 and 26 May 2021.

Writing: Blog

I am writing about art and sustainability in my blog, or for the ERMeCC PhD blog (Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture).

Podcast Episode

I was invited by the team of the “Uit de Ivoren Toren” podcast from the LDE Centre for Sustainability to talk about my PhD topic visual art and climate change. In Dutch & English.

My Creative Work: List of Exhibitions & Screenings

Find out where my creative work (film, photography, paintings) has been shown.

Earth System at Risk Participation 2020, 2021

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