Short Films

Creator of short films “L’Exode d’un Juif Italien d’Alexandrie” (2014), “Elio Toaff” (2016) and “Leonardo da Vinci” (exp. 2021).

Currently working on: “Hommage à Daniel Schinasi

Screening dates and locations of

“L’Exode d’un Juif Italien d’Alexandrie”:

Previous screenings:

  • Aug 2021 Palazzo Bagitto
    • Livorno
  • June 2019 Cinémathèque de Nice
    •  Nice
  • Nov 2017 Italian Institute of Culture
    •  Belgrade
  • April 2ß17 Italian Institute
    •  Nice
  • Sept-Nov 2016 Centro Sefarad Israel
    • Madrid
  • April 2016 Comune Vecchio
    • Cecina
  • Nov/Dec 2015 Maison de l´Italie, Cite Internationale
    • Paris
  • May 2015 Instituto Italiano di Cultura
    • Vienna

In the press:

A short story about these short films

In the summer of 2014 I started the creative collaboration with artist Daniel Schinasi. He creates art to document society and advocates for a better world and I soon realised that it was his personal and professional path that also needed documentation: He had to flee his country of birth due to political turmoil, and never lost sight of his passion for art and his desire for positive social change.

In the short film “L’Exode d’un Juif Italien d’Alexandrie” Daniel Schinasi and I are tracing his moving life, from the moment he had to leave Alexandria to the moment he set up his first art studio to the moment he created a large scale painting series about the jewish exodus.

This short film has a very deep meaning for me. It is a dedication to his exceptional strength, a lasting visible memory to his artistic legacy. The short film also represents a cultural exchange between Daniel and I, regardless of age difference (57 years difference between us), religion (him being Jewish and me Atheist) and country (him being from Egypt and me from Germany).

I am grateful to call him not only my mentor but also my dear friend.
Our encounter turned into a continuous intercultural, creative collaboration that led to other short films, such as “Elio Toaff” (2016) and “Leonardo da Vinci” (exp. 2021) and a writing project.

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