Art and Human-Nature Relations


I am researcher as much as I am a creative covering topics of social and environmental sustainability in relation to art. The imagination is a recurring concept in my practical and theoretical art endeavors. These address human-nature relations, which is why this website is called Enjoy!

About me

Art Portfolio

Meeting artist Daniel Schinasi in Southern France in 2014

Since meeting artist Daniel Schinasi in Southern France in 2014 I have taken steps towards making art the centre of my life. Multiple short films, photography projects and interviews came out of the collaboration with Monsieur Schinasi. Since then I have also been developing my own projects, which are about data art and photography. Find out more.

PhD Life

I love art, I love nature, I love researching and writing.

This is me putting all of this together in one major project with the support of my promoter and co-promoters and an NWO grant.

I am researching “Imagining the Climate – The Visual Arts to the Rescue?”

Art is not only part of my life as creative practice (see my art portfolio), but I am also looking at art with my researcher gargles on.

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As part of my PhD I am writing short blog posts from time to time for the ERMeCC PhD Club site (Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture).

Greta Thunberg’s school strikes and speeches for climate justice have put the topic of climate change into everyone’s newsfeeds for several months now. Almost every day we read, hear and see about climate change causes and impacts – and hope that much-needed change will be implemented in time.

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In my PhD one of my central questions is “what role visual artists play in addressing climate change-related topics?” Therefore, I am reading a lot about the (general) communication around climate change. Now that we are faced with the Corona crisis, I feel I am seeing some interesting parallels and differences.

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Perspectives on Humanity & Nature

Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Climate Change, Climate Justice, Sustainability,…

These are just some of the terms that are being used when talking about humanity and nature. Here will be a small collection of views on how humanity relates to nature relates to humanity relates to ecological and other crises.

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On other News

Sustainability Meets Art

I have an educational and professional background in both sustainability (MSc Global Business and Sustainability / a.o. Work for the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education) and art (MA Arts, Culture and Society / Work for artist Daniel Schinasi). At some point the two areas of sustainability and art met. Here you can read about these adventures.

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