Artistic Portfolio

My artistic portfolio includes photos (exhibited in Paris), short films (exhibited in various cultural institutions across Europe), drawingsdata art and writing. See below to find out more.


Photos from curated photo exhibition “Trouver la liberte”, Nov/Dec 2015 Maison de l’Italie, Cite Internationale Universitaire de ParisParis More here

Short Films

Creator of short films “L’Exode d’un Juif Italien d’Alexandrie” (2014), “Hommage à Elio Toaff” (2016) and “Hommage à Leonardo da Vinci” (2020). Screening dates and locations of “L’Exode d’un Juif Italien d’Alexandrie”:

Expected: 2020 Nice (more info to come). Previous screenings: June 2019 Cinémathèque de Nice, Nice; Nov 2017 Italian Institute of CultureBelgrade; April 2017 Italian InstituteNice; Sept-Nov 2016 Centro Sefarad IsraelMadrid; April 2016 Comune Vecchio, Cecina; Nov/Dec 2015Maison de l´Italie, Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris; May 2015 Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Vienna More here

Drawings & Paintings

More here.

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