PhD: Overview

In 2019, I received a PhD in the Humanities grant awarded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). “The Climate – The Visual Arts to the Rescue?” is the working title of my PhD research. Explained in one sentence, I am researching the role of the visual arts in addressing climate-related topics.


Information about research question, relevance, studies.

Conferences & Presentations

About Pecha Kucha presentations, conferences and Co.

Courses Following & Courses Teaching

From Recognition in the Visual Arts to Statistics to Sustainability in the Visual Arts and Crafts

Currently Happening

I often get the question what it is like being a PhD candidate. Here I am giving some insights into PhD life.

Research Cluster

I am part of Erasmus University’s research cluster Sustainable Transitions in Culture & Societies (STiCS).


A list of journal publications and online blog publications.

Let’s connect.

This PhD project received funding from the PhD in the Humanities programme of NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.

Project number: PGW.19.010/8366

Promoter: Prof. dr. F.R.R. Vermeylen (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Co-promoters: dr. P.P.L. Berkers (Erasmus University Rotterdam) / Prof.dr. K. Kwastek (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

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