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After my Bachelor of Science in International Business, in the summer of 2014, I met social change artist Daniel Schinasi (*1933) during a visit to Southern France.  

He is one of those artists who create art to document society and who advocate for a better world. I soon realised that it was his personal and professional path that also needed documentation: He had to flee his country of birth due to political turmoil, and never lost sight of his passion for art and his desire for positive social change. Our encounter turned into a continuous intercultural, creative collaboration: The photographs, interviews and short documentary that we created all have a common thread: for a world of peace, hope and inspiration.

This encounter would not only give me a mentor and dear friend for life, it also changed my own path. Together with the inspiration my dad’s paintings gave me, it was a key moment after which I decided to dedicate my life to art and its relation to society and environment, for which I am forever grateful.ª

Since then I completed both an Arts Master and a Sustainability Master. My photographs, interviews and short documentary about Daniel Schinasi have by now been shown in multiple cultural institutions across Europe. Now in my PhD, the worlds of visual art and sustainability are coming together in one major project.

ª Since 2016 I have been writing down my impressions about this encounter and my time abroad in France. Still very much an on-going process. News about this in around a year.

Higher education

  • Master of Science Global Business & Sustainability, cum laude
  • Master of Arts Art, Culture & Society, cum laude
  • Bachelor of Science International Business

Practical education in the art world

Mentor: Artist Daniel Schinasi

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